New Zealand Motorsport Events

When it comes to motorsport events in New Zealand, there are plenty to choose from. There is always something exciting going on in this industry. These events are regularly taking place in many different regions of New Zealand.

Monster Energy S-X Open

This particular event is an excellent example of what one can expect when they want to enjoy some amazing car racing in New Zealand(NZ). For the 2019 year, it is scheduled to be held in Penrose Auckland. This particular event is being hailed as the largest ever event when it comes to Supercross and off-road motorcycling events. There is a lot of excitement that is attached to this event that is going to be held on a Supercross track that is classed as full size that applies to world championship driving. What makes this particular event even more important is that it is going to be the fourth official round for the Australian Supercross Championships.

Playday On Track – Cars Prestige

An exciting event that is going to be held in July 2019 at Pukekohe Auckland. An event that is not only exciting to participate in but is one that is sure to draw a lot of spectators. While it is open for all ages, it is restricted to Playday Prestige road cars only.

Mangatainoka Motors Vintage Car Days

While car races always hold a heightened level of excitement, there are other events that take place in motocross that is as equally as entertaining.

A good example of this is this vintage car show. This is a type of show that even current race drivers like to take time out to attend. It is an excellent way for individuals to show their appreciation for cars of the past that have been in the racing category. It is also a great way for like-minded individuals to get together and share their stories and experiences when it comes to the racecar circuit.

Mangatainoka Motors Two-Wheeled Day

Often when it comes to motocross, it is forgotten that this sport also includes those two-wheeled vehicles which also demand their own degree of attention. This they are sure to get with this two-wheeled show day that Is taking place in October of 2019. What can be expected from this event is a fine display of many different types of motorcycles and the chance to get up close to their owners and ask as many questions as one would like. It is undoubtedly a way for spectators to be able to show their appreciation for such an excellent piece of equipment.

The above is only some of the numerous examples of the many types of events that apply to Motorcross in NZ. If you happen to miss them then no worries because they will surely be many upcoming events to enjoy.